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Personal number

I just got a phonecall from the bank. They proposed us a very good interest rate for the mortgage which was much lower than the one we have now at another bank. Obviously they wanted to have us as a customer, because times are tough - also for banks. Tomorrow we would sign the papers and transfer everything to them. Now I don't have a swedish personal number which makes use kind of outlaws in Sweden. And the bank cannot give us the mortgage as their system cannot handle customers without that number! Long live bureaucracy.


The last few weeks we have it very busy with guests from the Netherlands. Each weekend family and friends are coming over to Stockholm to visit us and to have some great time with us. It is always very nice to see our old friends and our family but like it is the way right now, it might be a little bit too much. As soon as the guests are gone I have to prepare the guestrooms again in time to be ready for the next guests to come. And because i have some problems with my cartilage in my ...